Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Birthday!

And what a glorious day it is.  I love birthdays and I love celebrating them.  I just don’t understand people who don’t.

The weather on the damp coast is uncharacteristically sunny and warm.  The birds are singing, the neighbours chickens are clucking.

The beautiful weather means that the strawberries, my favourite, are ready 2 weeks early and are beautifully red and sweet.  And I can walk to a new boulangerie in my neighbourhood for a fresh croissant.

Does it get better than this?!?!?  (Cue the happy dance!)

You gotta Move it!

Bonus Birthday Present

AND my Queen of the Night cactus has 4 flowers!  This NEVER happens.  The first 2 have already blossomed and faded but 2 are going to bloom tonight on my birthday.

Could this possibly be a sign that the sh*t storm is finally passing out of my life and there are clear skies ahead?  Let’s hope, eh?


And as the sun sets, out comes the blooms!

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