Remembrance Day

Remembering those who Fought

There is a cemetery in Coriano, Italy.  Mostly Canadians are buried there.

The battle of Coriano Ridge was hard won by the Canadians but it proved to be the turning point in the battle for Italy.  As a Canadian, I never have learned about this battle, never even knew this cemetery existed.

It was an Italian I met by chance that insisted that I needed to go and see this cemetery.  “You are Canadian!  You must go!” he insisted.

Coriano Entrance MonumentThe Italian Cemetary for Canadians

The cemetery is beautiful, peaceful, and well tended.  Each year, a different class from the Coriano school attend the cemetery, keeping it neat and tidy out of respect for those men who lie there.  Those men that freed their town from the Nazi’s hold so many years ago.

There is a guest book in a stone epitaph that you can sign.  It is a place of contemplation and is deeply moving.  One would be hard pressed not to be emotionally moved by the place.

Our Small Ceremony of Thanks

Every Remembrance Day since junior was little, we stop at 11 am to remember all the people who fought for our freedom.

I am eternally grateful that I live in a place where I can walk down the street in safety.  My son can go to school without fearing for his life.

My neighbour and I wave to each other and even though we are from different backgrounds, we can share a laugh and are willing to help each other.

For this gift, I take one minute, one day a year to express my gratitude and remember.


Coriano Ridge Cemetary

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