The 50 – 50 List Update

Here’s an update on how the 50 – 50 list is going.

The 50 – 50 list was languishing a bit so I decided, with some prodding from Agent B, to get on with it.  So, here is the latest items I’ve managed to cross off the list.


 #4. Sleep outside

At the beginning of August I had a weekend to myself.  Agent B pointed out it was a brilliant opportunity to get a few items crossed off the 50 – 50 list.  So, I set up my outdoor boudoir on the back porch and enjoyed a rather pleasant sleep.  Pleasant, that is, until 4 a.m. when the crows decided that I’d slept long enough.  None-the-less, it was a lovely evening and entirely enjoyable to sleep outside.

bed outdoors the 50 - 50 list

My outdoor boudoir

#14.  Ride my bike on a Sunny Day

I hopped on my bike and toured the neighbourhood.  I rode up to Joe Fortes’ grave to give him my regards.  Then I rode past Windsor Castle.  I ended up at Kensington where I tested my theory that I could see the fireworks on English Bay from Kensington Park.  Well, I can’t.  Rode past junior’s old school and down the bikeway.  Lovely day indeed.

#24.  Take Archery Lessons

During the summer I had junior signed up for archery camp but managed to parlay my way into the class.  For a whole week I got to shoot arrows.  We shot the 300 challenge.  The first day I shot 235, the next day 180.   I also had a chance to try 3 different types of bows:  the recurve, the compound and the long bow.

#25.  Dance to Ska Music

On my solo weekend, Mr. Stubbs and I danced up a storm to all my favourite ska bands.  And no one was there to asked me to turn it down.

#33. New hair cut

So, I started noticing that my cool haircut of a year ago was now growing into an old lady hippy do.  So, off to my magnificent stylist, D, so he could perform his magic.  As usual, he didn’t disappoint and I left with not only magnificent colour but a funky, flirty new cut as well.  Love ya, D!

#36.  Viking Ship Sail

On September 7th, we had a magnificent sail on the Munin, the ½ size replica of the Gokstad ship.  The Munin was built by the Norwegian House Society which is part of the Scandinavian Centre.  Check out their website:  The Munin Viking Ship

I gathered some hale and hearty folk to come and enjoy a truly magnificent experience.  Two of my shipmates were kind enough to share some photos.  It was a glorious sunny day, with just enough wind to get us going.  Once we had rowed out of the harbor, all we had to do was sit back and enjoy the sail.

#38. Thor’s Hammer Tattoo

Well, I haven’t quite got the tattoo yet BUT I managed to find a design.

#39.  Facelift

I was going to go through a series of electronic facials but after chatting with my lovely esthetician, B, I decided to go a different route.  B said that while the electronic facials did work, it probably wasn’t any more effective than facial exercises.  So, with that in mind, I decided to try to do an “internal” facial.  Check out the post The Skin Deep Project.

Upcoming Events

#3.  Lounge at the Beach

Right after I pick up the cronut!

#44.  Eat a Cronut (Frissant)

This will happen on Sept. 12.  My taste buds can hardly wait.

Frissant 50 - 50 list

Frissant (Cronut)

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