The Fifty – Fifty Round Up

Fifty ways to Celebrate my Fiftieth Birthday

So with the close of my 50th birthday year celebration, it’s time to see how I did on my 50 – 50 list.  Although I only made it to 41 items in total.

The list has changed very slightly during the course of the year. 

I’ve taken a few items off since they no longer seem necessary for celebration.  A few items had to be added because they were simply too good not to give ‘em a try.

The List

While I’ve commented on my 50 – 50 page, here are the ones I managed to accomplish:

7.            Elvis Festival 2013

This was one of the first items I ticked off and I’m extremely glad I did.  What a hoot!  21 Elvis’ singing their heart out in the Penticton heat.  Shamefully I’ve yet to massage my experience into a post.  It’ll happen this summer.

13.         Day at the Spa

Spent a lovely, quiet day at the Scandinavae Spa in Whistler.  Needed it after my crappy sleep in the yurt.

15.         Eat at Vij’s

Finally enjoyed a meal here.  Check out the post.

18.         Stay by myself for a couple of days.

Headed over to Victoria in the cold of November to just chill out and explore our capital city.

19.         Beethoven’s 9th

It was truly magnificent.  Cried like a baby. Check out the post.  BUT I also managed a couple of other stellar choral concerts.  There was Mozart’s Requiem – such beautiful, soaring lines of stellar poetic music.  Then we saw the VSO’s Carmina Burnana.  Took junior to see it.  Magnificently witty words and music perfectly crafted to suit the poetry.  I strongly recommend seeing any of these 3 choral masterworks, whether amateur or professional productions.  You will understand why these pieces have endured and remain fan favourites. 

24.         Take Archery Lessons

Managed to get an afternoon lesson in but still working on future lessons.

33.         Get a cool haircut

Well, in June 2013, I did get a cool haircut but it’s kinda deteriorated into an old lady hippy haircut.  Have to revisit this one.

37.         Stay in a Yurt

Yes, well, check out the post on this baby.

39.         Non-surgical facelifts

Tried one but then chatted with my lovely esthetician.  Ultimately facial exercises will do the same plus a lot cheaper.

40.         Learn the bagpipes

Ordered a recorder and am still trying to get the fingering down.  Slow going as the old grey mare ain’t as fast on the uptake as she used to be.  Although I am playing the organ again.  I’m trying to learn all the tunes to the Rocky Horror Picture Show.  Perhaps this post should have been “Take up music again”?

The Results!

 Ten out of forty items completed which isn’t the great but then I have something to look forward to in my 51st year.  Keep you posted on this year’s progress. 


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