The Big 5-0 Birthday Party

Planning the Party

When I faced my fiftieth birthday, the thought of how to celebrate it came up.

There simply had to be a party.  After all, as my birthday landed on a Saturday, I knew the gods had decreed it must be so.

I wanted to have a party – a great party.  Just like the ones I remember from my family time in Denmark. Continue reading

50 - 50

Fifty things to Celebrate Fifty Years of Life

Celebrating the Half Century!

What would you do to celebrate turning fifty?  Here’s what I came up with to do during my fiftieth year.

Here’s the link to the list:  http://www.dampcoastdame.com/?p=28

So as my half century (!?!) mark approaches, I feel the need to mark the momentous event in some sort of special way.  And, honestly, I don’t think if can be achieved in a single, one day celebration.  After all the sh*t I’ve been through, I think a prolonged celebration is in order.

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