Big Bang Theory Flash

Hot Flash!

I’m hot blooded –check it and see
Got a fever of 103.

“I think I’m having a hot flash,” I casually said. “Does it feel like your face is on fire,” inquired Agent I. “Yes”. “Well then, that might very well be a hot flash.” She replied.

And so it begins

Yikes, a hot flash! Could this be my official entry into menopause? Continue reading

I Choose Me

The Necessity of Spa Days

Taking Care of Moi

Like a fine wine, I find that I too need a little tender care in a controlled environment to reach my full potential.

So I schedule a spa day.

This is a fairly new phenomenon for me, basically in the last decade. Prior to this time funding was always an issue. Now, however, I rationalize the expense citing that I spend a lot of time tending to others, now it’s time for others to tend to me. Continue reading

The Yurt

The Yurt Experience

Are you Experienced ? Have you ever been experienced? Well, I have. – Jimi Hendrix

Glamping in Paradise?

From the pictures it looked like my style of camping. Solid floor, soft bed WITH linen, table, chairs, standing room and bug screens.

So I drove up to Whistler to experience these “rustic” yurts for myself. They seemed ideally situated. Far away from the highway, on platforms on a side of a hill. Magnificent views. When I arrived at 4pm all was quiet except for the faint hum of traffic from the 99. I fancied I could even hear the babbling brook. Granted I had to scale a fair sized hill, albeit with stairs, to get to and from the biffy, but that was a minor consideration. At least the facilities had hot and cold water PLUS flush toilets. Life was good.

And then reality…. Continue reading