I dreamed my whole house was clean.


Housecleaning – the necessary evil.

 I’ve packed my bags, cleaned the floor,

Now watch me walking, walking out the door.

Eurythmics,  Would I lie to You?

It’s Spring time on the damp coast and inevitably, my mind briefly flits on the idea of spring cleaning the house.  And I do mean briefly.

It is a deranged mind that loves house cleaning.  To be perpetually obsessed about ridding the world of dust bunnies or banishing bathroom mold is a bit sick and twisted. Continue reading

Lego Superman

When Superman Needs Help

He did things that only Superman could do
Things that sis and I could not believe were true.

Harry Connick Jr., He is They Are

My Superman  

My dad has always been my superman.  There wasn’t anything that he couldn’t do.  He could fix anything and build something out of any kinda material.  He rebuilt our entire house!

He could climb mountains and swim oceans.  He was the coolest dad on the block because he raced motorcycles.

So cool, in fact, it saved me from being stuffed into a locker in grade 8.  Turns out the grade 12s had heard of my dad and thought I was cool because of it.  Whew! Continue reading

Forget those

Where are your Friends when the going gets tough?

Where are your friends when ya need ’em?

I get by with a little help from my friends

Ringo Starr

Why is it that when a woman is going through a tough spot, people leave her alone?

Yet, when a man is going through a tough ordeal, people rally round him.  They bring him food, they offer to make him dinner, they clean his house.

The Evidence 

I’ve seen this first hand.

When a friend died, people tripped over themselves to help her husband.  I went over and cleaned his filthy house, made food, helped out with the kids.

Yet when a family friend lost her husband, no one went over to clean her house or made her food.  After a couple of weeks, people stopped calling.  Why? Continue reading