What’s the Damp Coast Dame all about?

It’s about Turning 50, life, the universe and everything.

Well, approaching my 50th birthday got me to thinking about all the “stuff” I was going to go through.  I’d already been through a lot of experiences and I wondered what joys would be lying in the future, ready to bite my ample posterior.

Since wasband is out of the picture and my son certainly doesn’t want to hear it, I thought I’d write my experiences down.  Firstly, it’s sometimes easier to see a solution if it’s down in print and, secondly, because it just feels better to get it out.  I intend to write about everything, no restrictions, no specifics, just everything.  Why not?  Some will tell me it’s better to focus on a specific topic but my life encompasses lots of topics, not just menopause or cooking or home renovation or……..  So why not just write about it all?  Besides, it’s my blog, I’m a bad ass old dame with an umbrella and I’ll do what I want.

Why now?

In this burg that I live in, people don’t have a piazza or town square to gather in and meet friends for chats.  Everything has to be planned – kids babysat, husbands coordinated, rides arranged, calendars cleared and dates re-arranged.  Nothing is as spontaneous as heading out on a warm evening to the local square to sit in a café and perhaps run into old friends – or new ones.

Gain Wisdom and Stuff, eh?

So, in an effort to gain wisdom from others, I’m going to put ideas out onto the net to other half century types, and those who are interested, because I believe I’m not the only one out there who is thinking these topics.  Some of you who find this page may already be my friends, some just stopping by on chance.  Either way, this is my attempt to try and voice the stuff that happens to me and examine how to deal with it.

Beside, just because we can’t get together around a dinner table to discuss life and everything in it, we can at least communicate via wires and screens.

Some rules – ain’t there always rules?

While I welcome feedback, positive or negative, I won’t tolerate any nasty or personally hurtful comments.  These type of interactions will simply not be posted.  If a comment doesn’t add to the conversation or isn’t relevant to the topic, it won’t be posted.

My aim is to present interesting ideas and see where they go.  Not all ideas are going to warrant comments but that’s alright.  Some ideas are just meant to be enjoyed or pondered.