50 - 50

The Fifty – Fifty Round Up

Fifty ways to Celebrate my Fiftieth Birthday

So with the close of my 50th birthday year celebration, it’s time to see how I did on my 50 – 50 list.  Although I only made it to 41 items in total.

The list has changed very slightly during the course of the year. 

I’ve taken a few items off since they no longer seem necessary for celebration.  A few items had to be added because they were simply too good not to give ‘em a try. Continue reading

Vij's Cookbook Cover

#15. Eat at Vij’s

#15 on the Fifty – Fifty List!

Ever since I met the Vikram Vij, I’ve been dying to eat at his restaurant. A man with such a lovely spirit and clear love of food can’t help but create delicious food.

So after listening to me talk about it, Agent B finally convinced me to stop talking about it and just go.


So for my 51st birthday, I decided that it was going to be my birthday present to myself. Continue reading


#19 – Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony Live

Finally – Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony Live

I had the great pleasure of hearing Beethoven’s 9th Symphony live.

Originally it was supposed to be called the Ode to Freedom but the politically situation in Vienna at the time of Bonaparte overthrowing the aristocracy meant it was necessary to call it the Ode to Joy.

Rock Star

Beethoven is a rock star.  THE original rock star. Continue reading

Damp Coast Dame - Thoughts created in the rain

Dec 8th, 2013 – The Half Way Point

Half way to Nothing

So here I sit on a grey, dull December day, half way through my fiftieth year.

And I’m feeling as grey as the weather.

I’ve done absolutely nothing for a month.  Nothing in the fitness department, nothing off the 50 / 50 list, nothing on either of my web pages.  Nothing except feeling depressed and playing computer games.  The only thing I’ve gained is weight.  Continue reading