The 50 Fifty List

50 Ways to Do to Celebrate my 50th Birthday.

My 50 – 50 

The list has become less of a year long celebration and more of an on-going celebration of my 50 years of life.

  1. Stay at the Flamingo Hotel in Vegas – because it was the first and it’s old school Vegas.  (I’m toasting this one.  Vegas has become a gong show, none of the hotels are offering any deals, reviews indicate that the Flamingo is tanking, plus there are no Elvis’ around anymore!).
  2. Fly my kite  DONE.  I managed a few flights, the most recent on the beach.  Luckily it’s compact enough to go anywhere.  
  3. Spend one full day lounging at the beach.  DONE.  Made it happen in Mexico 2014.
  4. Sleep outside  DONE – 1 Aug 2014.  The mosquitoes were very happy to see me.
  5. Lose 50 pounds   Only lost 25 but at least I’m heading in the right direction.  
  6. Learn 50 songs  Didn’t even get close on this one.  Maybe learned 5 songs.  But I’m going to keep working on this.  
  7. See the Elvis Festival in Penticton – because who doesn’t want to hang out with a bunch of Elvis’? DONE -June 2013.  Have yet to finish my post on it though.  DOH!
  8. Learn all 42 forms of Tai chi sword  For some reason I never got around to this.  A summer project.
  9. Attend the Messiah even though I  know I’ll cry all the way through.
  10. Build up my muscle definition  Work in progress. 
  11. Attend the Mariachi Festival in Vancouver
  12. Go to Playland with junior because I love to hear him laugh.
  13. Scandinavian Spa at Whistler weekend.  All day in a hot bath, how lovely.  DONE August 2013
  14. Ride my bike on a sunny day with no particular place to go.  DONE 3 Aug 2014.  Went up and said “Hi” to Joe Forte then checked out the hood.
  15. Eat at Vij’s because such a lovely person can only make the loveliest of meals.  DONE.  On my 51st birthday, we dined here.  Surprising flavours and gracious service.  Check out the post.  Also the last time the wasband did anything nice for me, albeit  begrudgingly.
  16. Picnic on top of a mountain.  Might make it yet to Grouse to have breakfast with the Grizzlies.
  17. Sit in a coffee shop and hang out like “those people”.
  18. Stay either at Sechelt or Gulf Islands by myself for a couple of days – DONE, went to Victoria.  Close enough, it’s on an island.
  19. Hear a Beethoven symphony live DONE.  March 2nd – Cried like a baby.  Magnificent Music!  I also managed to hear Mozart’s Requiem AND Carmina Burana live.  I highly recommend you see all three of these masterworks live.  It is an incredible experience.  
  20. Watch the Roller Derby  Have to get a hold of Agent Y and go.
  21. Attend the Seaforth Highlanders’ Ceiligh – Men in Kilts, nuff said  This will have to wait until the Highlanders are back in their renovated barracks in 2016.  Renovations are behind schedule.  
  22. Sleep in one rainy day as long as I want and not feel guilty or compelled to get up  Will do that in my new gay divorcee pad where my room will be under the eaves.  I can hear the rain!
  23. Take sword fighting lessons because swords never run out of bullets.  Jan 2017 Taking Intro to Swordplay at Academie Duello.  (Thanks Agent B for kicking my arse on this one).  Had to postpone it a bit because the old knees were giving me trouble.
  24. Take Archery lessons.  DONE
  25. Dance to Ska music often, even if it’s just to one song a month.  It’s hard to be sad when you’re dancing to Ska. DONE – On the long weekend, just me and Mr. Stubbs. Felt great.
  26. Buy an Oleana sweater for my birthday or when I lose the poundage.  It will be like wearing a work of art.  Changed my mind, I want one of these sweaters made by a lovely woman from Kamloops.  Every sweater is one of a kind!
  27. Let someone profession do my makeup BUT don’t let her do the old lady makeup on me.  Possibly with MAC or Sephora.  
  28. If a band I like comes to town – go see them!  It’ll make me feel young again.
  29. Eat as Save-on-meats and other funky restaurants.  Junior and I have tried Ramen Butcher, Fat Mao’s and Torafuku so far.  
  30. Take a cheese making course, if I can find one. Found a place called Homesteader’s Emporium that runs regular classes.  Now I just have to sign up!
  31. Watch the weiner dogs race at Hastings Park July 13 / 14 Missed them for 2013 because of an overbooked weekend and in 2014 & 2015 the Damp Coast had a heat wave.  I simply couldn’t imagine standing on tarmack in 30 C!  So, 2016 it is.  
  32. Go glamping with my son.  Issues with husband meant that he went camping with junior and I stayed home.  
  33. Get a cool haircut that looks good, kinda hip and doesn’t make me look like an old hippy lady. DONE– June 2013.  July 2014 – might have to revisit this one.  Kinda getting the old hippy lady hair look.  Sept. 2014 My buddy D took care of this and I’m now rockin’ a great do again.
  34. Attend a renaissance faire  DONE. Attended the Vancouver Ren Faire.  It was very small but quaint.  Junior thinks we should try attending one of the week long affairs in the U.S.  Have to check them out.
  35. Attend the Pacific Tattoo in Victoria (have to be in my 51st year).  Cancelled in 2015.
  36. Go sailing on the Viking Ship  DONE!  Sept. 2014.
  37. Stay in a Yurt  DONE – Aug 2013
  38. Get a Thor’s hammer tattoo over my breast cancer scar  This will happen when I’m down to fighting weight again.
  39. Try a series of non-surgical face lift treatments to see if they work, (electrical muscle stimulation) First session was November 2013.  Change of plan – see post “Skin Deep Project” 
  40. Learn the bagpipes  Starting with the recorder and working up from there.
  41. Eat at the Roof (formerly the Panorama  Room) at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver.   DONE.  October 16, 2014 had a few cocktails in the lovely Roof.  The view is amazing. Too bad only those who can afford to rent the space will get to enjoy it from now on.
  42. See the sun rise from somewhere.  Although it means either getting up early or staying up late.  
  43. Attending the service of Compline at Christ Church Cathedral to hear Gregorian chant.  The human voice is the most fundamental of instruments.  It somehow just reaches that much deeper into one’s spirit.
  44. Eat a cronut, called Frissant, here on the damp coast.  (Thanks, Agent K).  Did it, twice.  Best of a donut and croissant but can’t eat them too often.  Over the top!  
  45. Swim in the Seymour River (Thanks, Agent T).  Postponed to 2016 when the water warms up again.
  46. See the Northern Lights in Dawson or Whitehorse, Klondike country.
  47. Attend either a fan expo or comic-con AND dress up.  I know there’s both on the damp coast. DONE.  Junior and I went.  He loved it but I thought it could have been better.  It was basically a giant marketplace.  BUT did get our pictures with William Shatner!  Too cool! Check out the photo and the Visuals page.
  48. Go to the Ska Fest in Victoria.  Usually takes place in July
  49. Get a divorce. And no, it wasn’t my decision.  DONE.  Officially divorced as of November 2015.  Free!
  50. See the polar bears in Churchill Manitoba.
  51. Stay in the Munkebjerg Hotel overlooking the Vejle Fjord.  At the very least, have coffee there.  On the agenda for May 2016



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    • Not sure yet. Mind you I haven’t really been doing it consistently. My esthetician says that while the machine works, facial exercises work better. So I downloaded a whole page of facial exercises. It’ll probably take a while to work. I’ll keep you posted.

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