Maxine on Fat

Fit and Healthy 12 week Experiment

If you’re wise exercise all the fat off,
Take it off – off of here, off of there!
Annie Lennox, Keep young and Beautiful

The Fit and Healthy Experiment Begins

My Fit and Healthy experiment all started with my finding a very cool tracking book called The Fit Book.  It was just lying around the mail room and Agent K said I could have it.  It was the ultimate food and fitness tracking book, all in a moderately small and neat package.

The Log Book

Every weight loss book or program always insists that you have to log your food intake and exercise if you want to be successful at losing weight.  Over the years I’ve just logged my progress in a boring old notebook.  This notebook was sexy.  It had colour, it had columns and tick boxes, it had food and exercise tracking all in one spread.  I got excited just looking at it.

So I decided that this little book showing up at this time was a sign that I needed to get on with my health regime. Continue reading