The Long Dark of Depression

Depression – Let’s Talk about it

Tomorrow, Bell is sponsoring “Let’s Talk”- an initiative designed to create discussions about mental health.  In recent years several celebrities have come forward to talk about their battles with depression and mental illness.

Unfortunately Robin Williams lost his battle with his dark depression demons.

The Dark

In the dark of winter on the damp coast, it’s easy to feel depressed.  The dark grey is all around you.   It’s dark in the morning when you get up and it’s dark in the afternoon when you go home from work.

Everyone has experience being depressed at some point in her life.  Most of the time you can pull out of it by going out into the sun or doing something you love to do.

But what if nothing helps?  What if you simply cannot bring yourself to do the things you love to do any more? Continue reading

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

The End of a Marriage

This is the end, beautiful friend, the end.

The Doors

The End

So for my 23rd wedding anniversary, my husband gave me the gift of requesting a divorce.  He actually said, “separation”, but the outcome is the same. This was the end of my marriage.

This old grey mare will be not be going into my golden years, arm in arm with a husband, sharing all the joys and sorrows of the golden years.  Nope, I’ll be making the journey solo.

“I just don’t respect you”

Husband stated he no longer respected me, nor felt that our marriage was worth the effort of saving.  He was unhappy and the only thing he could think of doing to make himself happy was leaving me. Continue reading