Humphrey Bogart

Norman – A Man of Character

Norman’s House of Flowers

I’ve walked past his house many times over the years. It’s on the way to a store I frequent. In the spring and summer, his front yard is full of flowers. It’s in stark contrast to all the carefully manicured lawns around him.

All these years I’ve enjoyed the garden during every season yet I’ve never seen the person or people who inhabit this house. Until today. Today, I met Norman.

I was standing in front of his house, admiring the field of poppy plants springing up amongst the hyacinths and daffodils. “Spring is on the way!” he said. “And isn’t it grand!” I replied. Continue reading

Love is not having to hold in your farts

Unmentionable Body Functions

Ya gotta talk about them!

It is a social convention that you don’t talk about body functions in polite society.  Unfortunately that means a lot of important information doesn’t get passed on.

With all the medical issues I’ve had, there have been some uncomfortable side effects that affect one bodily function or another.  These side effects can be frustrating to deal with.  But every now and then someone will drop an informational tidbit about unmentionable body functions to me that actually helps.  Continue reading


Losing a Friend

I lost a friend a while ago.

A younger friend, which made it an even more heart wrenching event for me.

In a moment of attempted jocularity,   I thought, what’s the use of having younger friends if they die before you.

Short yet Long Term Friends

It’s not as if we were longtime friends.  In fact we’d known each other for a very short time.  But once we met, it felt as if we’d known each other forever.  In fact we may have.  Continue reading


Ditching the Diet Books

Ditching the Books

If you’re wise, exercise all the fat off – take it off , off of here off of there.

 Annie Lennox – Keep young and beautiful

I’m ditching all my diet books.  Why?  Because they depress me.  They mock me from my bookshelf, throwing my lack of success with the bulge in my face. Also, they don’t tell me anything I don’t already know.   Continue reading