Hands saying Hello

A Call from a Long Lost Friend

A Call from a Friend

I got a call from a long lost friend.   It was perfect timing, I had just come in the door.

As soon as I heard his voice, I knew who it was. Agent J. I hadn’t heard from him in over 5 years, maybe more. And there he was on the other end of the line calling from the other side of the world.

He and I have been friends for decades. Not bosom buddy types but the kind that when we get together it’s like we just saw each other last week. His dad and my dad were buddies which is how we became friends. Continue reading

Ozymandius Colossus

To Be Someone, is it really such a Wonderful Thing?

The Dream

To be someone must be a wonderful thing
A famous footballer a rock singer
or a big film star, yes I think I would like that
The Jam

A Child’s fear

“I don’t want to die and fade away and be forgotten,” cried my little man. “Now it’s too late and I’ll never do anything great.” All I could do was hug him.
I know that feeling. Continue reading


Spring is Here!

Spring is here, ah, spring is here.
Life is skittles and life is beer.
I think the loveliest time of the year is the spring,
Don’t you? Of course you do!
Tom Lehrer, Poisoning Pigeons in the Park

Spring is Finally Here!

Today I took my heavy overcoat off and walked to the bus. The Japanese plum tree on the boulevard was in full bloom. The only time of the year it looks nice. Spring had arrived. Continue reading


Losing a Friend

I lost a friend a while ago.

A younger friend, which made it an even more heart wrenching event for me.

In a moment of attempted jocularity,   I thought, what’s the use of having younger friends if they die before you.

Short yet Long Term Friends

It’s not as if we were longtime friends.  In fact we’d known each other for a very short time.  But once we met, it felt as if we’d known each other forever.  In fact we may have.  Continue reading


The Weight of the World on your Shoulders

Too Much on your Shoulders

Do you ever feel that there is so much weight upon your shoulders you can barely stand upright?

Today my collapse started with a paper jam.  It always is the most innocuous things, isn’t it?

And, naturally, my husband was the root problem.  If he had taken my advice and printed those heavy cardboard thingies at a copy store instead of trying to stuff it in my little colour printer……. Well, you get the picture.

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